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The online marketplace that connects African businesses to the global world with Nigeria as its entry point, by offering products and services that enable individuals, small and medium scale businesses to generate business leads (online catalogues/storefronts), to establish their credibility (third party business identity vetting) and using business information (finance, trade and commodity news and trade shows) for their business promotion

You will find here all the answers to the most common questions you seek, but incase you’re unable to find what you are looking for, or you need addition support, kindly click here to contact us.

Signing Up On Myguds

Signing up on Mygud is very easy and only registered users can buy and sell on our platform.

Creating an account

1. Enter the email address that you would like to use as your login. (You can change this later on in your Account Settings if need be.)

2. Check your inbox for your verification email.

3. Confirm that you are a human and not a robot because we like humans.

4. Activate your account. You can change everything on this page later in your buyers Profile if need be. Simply Click Create Account to get started!

Are you seeking to buy?

You can find the products you seek by browsing the Myguds catalog in the different categories, or by using the search to find a specific service or seller. And once you find the product you are looking for, click it for more information, such as a description of the product i.e the products details and the prices, then when you feel you’ve found what you seek, simply proceed with placing your order.


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Once you are logged in, you can easily find a product or service by searching the site, or browsing the thumbnails on the category or subcategory pages.

Note: You must have a MyGuds account before you can place an order or message the supplier/seller.

After finding a suitable seller/supplier on MyGuds, you will have to place an order or contact the merchant to begin the process of negotiation and eventual delivery of your desired goods.

Note: If you have specific questions, we recommend contacting the seller prior to ordering.

To place an order simply follow the steps below:

1. Click the Contact Seller button to send an inquiry to begin negotiations with the seller or Click the Place Order button to send an order request to the seller if the prices shown for the product is good.

2. If you clicked the Contact Seller button, you will be redirected to the Enquiry Page where you can send a detailed request to the seller. Please include the full about order details, such as payment method and shipping method. Click the SEND button to send the inquiry to the seller. The seller will get your message and the negotiation process should begin.

3. If you clicked the PLACE ORDER button, you will be redirected to the place order page where you can review your order details. Select your required quantity and click the SEND button to place order. The seller will get your order request and should contact you.

After your order processes, you will need to fill out requirements so that your seller can start working. In the requirements area, fill out all the necessary details and attach files (if needed).

Once your order is delivered, you can accept the order and provide feedback. You can also decide whether or not to display the delivered work or leave a review on the seller’s product page. You can also request revisions if you are not satisfied with your delivery.

How To accept a delivery:

Within the Order page, click either Request Revision or Accept & Review Order

NB: You must be logged in to access this content

Once your order has been received through the shipping method agreed to between you and the supplier/seller/merchant.

1. Go to the Sales Order Page and click on the Order ID that corresponds to the shipment you just received to open the sales order details page

2. On the View Order Page, click on the RECEIVED button to accept the product.

3. If the goods were delivered in bad conditions or did not meet your expectations, send a message back to the merchant to voice your complaint or use our complaints form to report the Merchant to Myguds.

Have more questions? Submit a request and our team will be able to help get you sorted.

To cancel an order,
1. Login to your account.
2. Buyer then navigates to the message section.
3. Buyer then sends the merchant a message informing the seller of his/her intentions to cancel an order.

NB: Buyer must be logged into do this.
1. Buyer navigates to the requirement section.
2. Buyer then fills in their product details and submits it.
3. Buyer will be contacted by any merchant who can fulfill that order.